How to Prevent Ant Infestations?

So you'd like to know how to prevent ant infestations? As clever as ants are, we have a substantial to-do-list for you to help prevent this agile insect home invaders.

To-Do-List for Preventing Home Invasions of Ants

Discouraging ants from invading the home can be frustrating.  Proper food storage and waste management will reduce the food that often attracts workers indoors.  A few simple, non-chemical approaches to keeping ants from inside can be completed daily:  Clean all kitchen counters and stove, vacuum daily, and rinse reusable containers before storage.  Ant trails can be disrupted with a mild solution of vinegar and water.  Caulking cracks that ants are using to enter the home and holes found in baseboards, under and around cabinets will help keep them at bay.

Black Harvester Ant Nest
Black Harvester Ants seek out open areas free of vegetation – they have a very painful sting.

Cutting back vegetation can repel ants.  By trimming trees, ivy, and shrubs away a few inches from the roof and sides will keep moisture from building on your home.  Nothing says please come and nest in my home like moisture.  Moisture is the home’s number one enemy, attracting insects and encouraging rot, not to mention trees touching the roof invite rats to climb on down and into the attic or walls of the home.

Trees and shrubs touch the home can bring in ants.
Trees and shrubs touch the home can bring in ants.
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